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28 de octubre de 2015

Tea and consensual sex #ConsentISeverything

Who could make such a perfect analogy between having consented sex and making a cup of tea but the British? 

Maybe nobody better than them to compare both concepts by creating a Youtube campaign with a clear goal: raise awareness of consensual sex helping people to distinguish between do's and don'ts

And the funniest thing is that the campaign has been launched by the Police in a clear and easy-to-follow way featuring stick men. But from my point of view, we should go a couple of steps forward and maybe we should ask why such basic behaviour are now been stressed enough. 

Without judging anyone (the British, I mean), some of the examples shown in the ad are so raw that I cannot imagine the stuff does actually happen. "Making tea" to an unconscious person without their approval? "Making tea" after asking to an unconscious person who cannot talk? 

However, some of the examples make sense (for instance people that decide to have a cup of tea, but suddenly change their mind... and you shoudn't keep on trying to get them drink the tea and are good to keep in mind for those without those simple rules to follow on a "daily basis".

thanks María for sharing with me
(these British are crazy)

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