06 noviembre 2012

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A different view of Spanish economical situation

Apologies to my Spanish readers, but due to the topic of this post, I prefer to write it in English. 

Why? Mainly because the following video is in English and the aim of this post is just trying to help those of you that might think that Spain is only a country where soccer or siesta are the most important things for us (not still there, although maybe we're not so far)

It's true that we are in a huge crisis, and nevertheless the public image that some economic newsletters (foreign ones, by the way) are giving to the rest of the world is not fair at all. They’ve shown us as a third world country, sharing pictures where you can see beggars looking for food in litter bins, and … as far as I know (and I promise I’m not lying) that’s not the real situation within Spain.

The Economist is one of the most influential economical editorials in the world, and most of the times, it’s readers are taking their post or publications as dogma of faith, and the damage they’ve done to us –as a country that so far it’s (or at least it was) considered in the Top 15 most relevant countries in the world- has been really high.

In below video (for Spanish followers, you still will be able to read the subtitles, although it’s really easy to follow if you understand just a bit of English). You will see that Spain is a country of opportunities, with many big companies leading their industries.

Not so sure if you’re aware of it, but I kindly recommend you to see – and share- the video. Enjoy (and probably, learn as well)

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